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24 x 24 Garage for $11,697.26 as shown below.

Many more sizes and styles are available, see the online garage brochure ( home page )

The garage floor is not included in above price. Please choose between a wood floor or a concrete floor.

Garages built on site

On-site Construction

When should you consider this option?

While the majority of our buildings are delivered fully assembled, certain situations require that some structures be built on site. This option is available for the following situations:

Your property is not accessible for our truck and trailer.

  • Maybe your driveway is too small.
  • You have a gate, retaining wall, or shrubbery that is not wide enough. We need 10-14' side to side adn 15' overhead.

You want (or are required) to have the floor of your structures to be a cement slab.

  • A slab is incorporated into the garage rather than a floor-less pre-built garage anchored on top.

Our trailer cannot get to the place you want to locate your structure.

  • There are trees, fences, or other buildings in the way.

The structure is too big to transport pre-built.

  • Certain 2-story structures fall in this category
  • You requested higher walls or a super-wide building.

This 2-story garage was built in two days. Smaller buildings are done in one day.

Garages built on site

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